Some of my activity information are inaccurate in the Mate App


Not all of my activities are shown

Embrace detects walking, running, and sport activities. The minimum amount of active time required for Embrace to detect an activity is below:


  • Minimum duration of walking: 5 minutes
  • Minimum duration of running and sport activity: 10 minutes


If you walk 3 minutes around your house, you will not see it as “walking” on the graph. However, it will be reflected in the total number of steps you took during that day.


The Mate App might not classify some movement as activity because the intensity of the activity is lower than the average threshold. For instance, with very low intensity activities or walking very slowly,  the Embrace might not detect it as activity at all, however the steps will still be counted.


Difference between high and low intensity in sport activities

In some cases, Embrace can register your high intensity activity as low if there is not much motion involved. Keep in mind that Embrace analyzes physical activity through the movement of your wrist. Thus, some activities which require intense physical efforts but involve very few wrist movement, such as weight lifting, yoga, or spinning, might not be detected as high intensity activities.



Distance displayed is not exact

The distance displayed on the activity screen of Mate can sometimes  differ from other activity tracking devices because it is not computed using GPS but with wrist accelerometer data


The estimation is based on the number of steps taken during each activity, gender, and height of the Embrace user. 


If for example you have an especially small or large stride (the distance you can span with one step), then the estimation can differ from reality. In this case, you should rely more on step counts to understand your daily activities better.

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