What scientific research is Embrace’s rest analysis based off?


  • Landry et al (2015) Measuring sleep quality in older adults: a comparison using subjective and objective methods
  • Aubert-Tulkens et al (1987) Ambulatory Evaluation of Sleep Disturbance and Therapeutic Effects in Sleep Apnea Syndrome by Wrist Activity Monitoring
  • Patel et al (2015) Reproducibility of a Standardized Actigraphy Scoring Algorithm for Sleep in a US Hispanic/Latino Population


  • R. J. Cole, et al (1992) “Automatic sleep/wake identification from wrist activity"
  • Ohayon et al (2004) Meta-Analysis of Quantitative Sleep Parameters From Childhood to Old Age in Healthy Individuals: Developing Normative Sleep Values Across the Human Lifespan


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