Why can’t I pair the Embrace with my Smartphone?


If your Embrace is charged, it is placed close to your smartphone, Bluetooth and Internet connection is on and you still cannot pair your Embrace watch, try the following steps:


  • Make sure you have the latest Alert app
  • Enable location services on your Android phone: go to Settings>>Scroll down to "Location">>Tap location>> tap “On”. If it's already on, swipe the toggle a couple of times to disable and enable the location services. 
  • In your smartphone go to Settings>>Bluetooth and check if Embrace is in the list of the available or paired devices. If yes, tap on it and tap "forget" so that you can start pairing from scratch. 
  • Open Alert app. Sign into the Alert app and follow the in-app instructions for pairing.
  • If you're asked to enter a pin during pairing, enter 123456.

If you still cannot pair Embrace, disable and enable bluetooth a few times and try again.

If you’ve initially paired/ tried pairing your Embrace watch with a different smartphone and you’re now trying to pair it with a new device, please make sure to remove Embrace from the bluetooth settings of the previous phone/tablet. 

Note: some Android devices that meet Embrace compatibility requirements might still have compatibility issues. For example, not all devices that list Bluetooth 4.0 in the specifications, actually support Bluetooth Low Energy.


  • Tap on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and select Bluetooth Settings.
  • Select the Embrace, then click the - icon underneath the list.
  • Click Remove in the confirmation window.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Turn back on.
  • Log in to Alert app.
  • Make sure that Embrace is charged and directly next to your phone.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled
  • Begin the pairing process.

If you are trying to pair the Embrace with a new iOS device, be sure to unpair it from the old phone and follow steps 1-3 above to ‘forget’ it from the old device’s bluetooth settings before starting to pair it with the new device.

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